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I didn’t used to like blogs. I thought they were mostly lame. But then the longer people did them, the cooler they got until I found myself one day with a Mac Mail sidebar full of RSS feeds for blogs I like. As with almost everything in my life, my RSS feed list is eclectic: copywriting, the world of publishing, real estate, parenting, food, work, buddhism and other spiritual/philosophical things, and the essentials: The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Salon. It’s not that I have a goal of ending up on someone’s RSS feed list (though please, feel free!). And I’m obviously not expecting “Bittle” to become so ubiquitous that it becomes a verb (a la Google, Twitter). All I thought when I decided to start this was that knowing good writing comes from writing a lot, having a blog where I tried to post something every day would hopefully have a nice effect on my fiction writing.

So here’s what I think I’m going to write about on Bittle: how I try to live life well.

I know. This has a whiff of self-aggrandization, but for me, living life well is about what I’m learning, not what I’m “preaching.” It means:

•learning how to be more connected to myself and the world around me

•learning how to be a good parent and, just as important, a good partner to my husband

•learning how to say no

•learning how to say yes

•learning how to be a better writer

•learning how to do work that pays the bills and makes me not just happy, but also fulfilled

•learning how to expand my wardrobe beyond jeans

•learning how to make the perfect ginger cookie

That’s it.


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